Nov 2, 2013

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Winston the Weiner Dog

I haveWinston the dachshund a geriatric dachshund named Winston. He has several nicknames such as: Wimpy, Mr. Incontinent, and Princess. He is 17 years old so that makes him 119 in dog years if you use the popular myth that “1 human year equals 7 dog years”. He used to be a beautiful sold red color but now he is distinguished with an ample peppering of gray hair.

He is the smartest, pickiest, sweetest and wimpiest dog I’ve ever known. He has trained me to put turkey in with his canned and dry dog food or he won’t eat. He used to love to chase squirrels and cats but now he doesn’t hear or see well enough to know they’re teasing him from the clump of trees nearby.

He has challenges with holding his bladder when I’m at work but that’s an awfully long time for an old guy to hold it.┬áHe’s a good boy and just keeps on going so I’ll spoil him while he’s around.

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